Gel X full set

Pre-design nails will be installed professionally, this is, a new trend to do fullset (fake nail) without damaging your nail (35$ and up)

For Gel X fullset, we will do service at your home for group of 3 people and up.

We will send you color sample and sizing sample to you first. After we have all information, 

 --> We do pre-polish and pre-design on Apres  Gel tips

--> We will apply Apres gel tip on your nail with Apres gel adhesive that lasts up to 2 weeks or more, you will have a longer nail set in the same way you do at nail salon, but our service is cheaper,  you can take off easily at home without damaging your nail. Gel X fullset is a new trend to do fullset that help you have beautifull nail for your events, but not destroy your real nail like acrylic nail.

Advantages of The Gel X tips: Gel tips have good flexible stretch so they will not break like regular tips, gel tips looks more natural than acrylic nails, especially, they will not damage your real nail like acrylic nails.